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  • 2008
    • November
      • More Catamounts
        Thanks to Mark Hancock, I've gotten a few additional Catamounts up on the website. Both of these were from 1967, and both were numbered "Volume 11 No. 15"! One was a "special election edition" dated May 1, 1967, and the second was a regular edition dated "May 15, 1967

    • August
      • First Time I Heard Stereo At Dr. Monroe's House
        I told my wife this story the other day, and it's kind of fun.

        When I was about 8 or 9 (late 50s), I heard "stereo" for the first time.

        We were visiting Dr. Jerry (Gerry? / Gerald?) Monroe in Dallas. He was a bigwig in R&D at Chance Vought, I think my dad wo

      • Photos from 23 May 2008 Showing of Die Welle
        I had put most (maybe all) of these on the ning site for people signing up for our reunion, but some who are not "eligible" for that site might like to see these as well.

        Also If you are from the Cubberley Class of 1969, we are planning a reunion - please register at http://cubb

    • July
      • July 4, 2008
        A few things Cubberley-related have come to my attention, so I thought I would at least make a few comments and provide some links.

        The Cubberley class of 68 is about to have their 40th reunion in August (

        My class (69) also has a site to start pl

    • February
      • 1968/1969 is finished!
        I finished scanning all of the Catamounts I have for 1968 and 1969. Rereading them was an interesting saga that I hope some of you enjoy as well. I'm afraid I got into a hurry and didn't catalog every detail as well as I should have. If there were photos, I tried to put a note on the ca

      • 1968/1969
        I've almost got 1968/1969 (my Senior year) completed. My brother sent me his old Catamounts as well, which go through 70/71, although not complete.

        Unfortunately somewhere in updating my hardware and software, for a while, I lost the ability to create searchable PDFS with the origin

  • 2007
    • November
      • 1967/68
        I've heard from both Rick Schloss [67] and Warren Van Camp [68] that both of these classes are having their 40th reunions next year, and would like me to try to get the rest of the Catamounts from 67 and 68 years at least up on the website, so I got a good start at least, putting two up yesterd

    • August
      • Finally Started on 1967/1968 Catamounts
        I was disappointed to not have Volume 12 number 1, the first Catamount I have from 67/68 is number two - dated October 6, 1967.

        It's been a long time since I've touched the site - mostly because I've started consulting again, so trying to do a Catamount in an afternoon is

    • June
      • Visit to Palo Alto
        I was in Palo Alto last weekend, and stopped by Cubberley to have a look at the place... it's amazing how much of it looks the same.

        Especially since I've been trying to catalog the ads in the old Catamounts, I also went over to Charleston Center to look around (and pick up an

    • May
      • Catamount from April 21, 1967
        I just noticed this was almost exactly 40 years ago, and probably one of the most eventful times at Cubberley.

        Two notorious experiments are outlined
        - Ron Jones and the Third Wave (now popularly known as "The Wave", or "Die Welt" due to popularized (and rather

      • Catamount March 3, 1967
        I just got Volume 11, No. 10 up on the website. I'm trying to put some useful text into the "headlines" page I do for each edition to make things show up in search engines... (so in case someone googles around looking for information about something related, they will hopefully find

      • Catamount - February 3, 1967
        I'm missing Volume 11, #8 which must have come out about 2 weeks after the New Years holiday. If anyone will send me a scan of it (or anything else related), I'll try to post it...

        I DID get Volume 11, #9 up on the website yesterday.

        I don't remember the Indian

    • April
      • Catamount December 16, 1966
        I just got another PDF of the Catamount set up. From December 16, 1966.

        Here's another example of amazing musicians at a dance at Cubberley. "Chocolate Watchband" played at the Christmas Formal. You could get in for $3.50 with a student body card.

        The next y

      • Digression - loss of a friend
        Nothing to do with Cubberley, but this IS a blog, and in writing about my move to Palo Alto, it reminds me of some sad things that happened just prior to our move.
        I had lost my best friend, Ricky Kieschnick, to a brain tumor just before we moved to California, which, in some ways, made it ea

      • String on Palo Alto Weekly Website - early experiences at Cubberley
        I think I was "googling" one of the merchants in an old Catamount and came across this "Growing Up in Palo Alto" nostalgia string on the PA Weekly website. I recognize some of the names of the folks there, and share many of the same memories.

        This link may be no goo

      • Mr. Richard Finch
        Did you ever look back at your school years and wish that you had been in the class of a certain teacher? Mr. Finch is featured in volume 11, number 3, and this triggered a string of memories that make me wish that I knew the guy a little better.

        One was when I had a journalism assignm

      • Google Analytics
        These are kind of cool - I've got them installed on the home page... still playing around. Just slowly adding things and seeing how they all work.

    • March
      • 1966-1967
        I'm going to try to keep my personal comments over here in the blog rather than in the text of the web pages, although undoubtedly some opinion will creep in - and probably things that interest me more will get more attention than other items.

        If there's stuff that should be a

      • Two weeks later
        This site has been in my thoughts a lot the last few weeks, but has unfortunately had little progress.

        I'm kind of torn between trying to use one of these cutesy template website builders to make cool little navigation tabs and graphics, versus just getting the material going.
      • Taking this site live
        I'm setting up this site because I wanted to make available my files of Cubberley Catamounts (the student newspaper) from the years (1966-1969) that I was there.

        I have scanned the ones I have, and most of the files are PDFs, which makes them more-or-less searchable, although the OC