Catamount from April 21, 1967 

I just noticed this was almost exactly 40 years ago, and probably one of the most eventful times at Cubberley.

Two notorious experiments are outlined
- Ron Jones and the Third Wave (now popularly known as "The Wave", or "Die Welt" due to popularized (and rather revised and enhanced) written and film accounts of what actually happened.
- Idea Forum. An idea for an alternative school within a school.

I wasn't part of the Third Wave - I took the same course "Contemporary World", but it was taught by a different teacher (I had Al Chanteloupe). It was no secret, though, as has been suggested a few places. I, along with a couple of other folks, took a few photos of the classroom in a little-known noctournal break-in to the room (actually we got a janitor to let us in)... But lots of other folks know a lot more about the "Third Wave" than I do, though, so I'll present the document such as it is, and leave most of the comments to others who were there.

"Idea Forum" was a lot of fun. Anybody could run a class, and you could attend any you were interested in. This Catamount edition listed the offerings of the pilot program. Duriing IF, I remember going to a class on Swahili, one on matrices (mathematics), and one on how to get rich in the stock market (Thanks, Mr. Farmer... which I didn't(get rich, that is)). The great photo of Sallie Neall (she was a really nice girl - in lots of my classes and a good friend) in a sandwich board shows the enthusiasm with which this idea was embraced by many of us.

This one also mentions the famous Cubberley "Buffalo Springfield / Sopwith Camel" concert. Apparently at Deena Bonn Sports Night, there was a performance by "The California Girls", which I'm not sure has anything to do with the band by that name today. I did notice in an earlier version of the Catamount that Addie Clement (who used to live on Carlson Circle) was one of the members back then.

There's a photo of Bill Perry (taken by Yours Truly) who did the artwork for the Springfield/Camel concert, and there's a miniature version of the original psychedelic poster on the bottom of page 2.

Doug Monica's account of the San Francisco Mobilization to protest the Viet Nam conflict is gripping first-hand history.

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