Visit to Palo Alto 

I was in Palo Alto last weekend, and stopped by Cubberley to have a look at the place... it's amazing how much of it looks the same.

Especially since I've been trying to catalog the ads in the old Catamounts, I also went over to Charleston Center to look around (and pick up an Ice Cream) at the still-well-attended ice cream store (photo from 1967 or so).

I also popped my head in the barber shop to see if Tony was still in there - he is! I remember Tony from one of the Midtown barber shope (I think it was the one by Round Table), and then he moved down and took over the business at Charleston Center. My dad used to ask for him specifically, and Tony always took good care of his hair.

I promised Tony I would upload this photo he helped me set up back in probably 1968 or 1969.

The three teachers had all grown beards over the summer, and I think the story was that Mr. Dale (left) and Mr. Warford (right) were going to keep their beards, and the apprehensive-looking Mr. Putnum (in chair) was going to shave his off. We didn't "have it off" right there in the barbershop, but this was sure fun to set up.

Both the ice cream store and the barber shop were faithful advertisers in the Catamount when I was in high school. The ice cream store looks quite a bit the same - they manufacture their own ice cream, and it's great! I don't know if they make it there onsite, or if they do it elsewhere, but we sure enjoyed ours.

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