More Catamounts 

Thanks to Mark Hancock, I've gotten a few additional Catamounts up on the website. Both of these were from 1967, and both were numbered "Volume 11 No. 15"! One was a "special election edition" dated May 1, 1967, and the second was a regular edition dated "May 15, 1967".

Mark's quite a scholar on the events of our high school and kept lots of notes and files. I just had a little pile of Catamounts, mostly ones with photos I took, which have lived in various piles and boxes since I graduated almost 40 years ago.

It's funny, there was apparently a gap with No. 11, and then two No. 15s. Maybe the two "15s" was to correct for the missing "11"... not sure. We probably will never know (or care).

Mark's also sent me one other from a later school year. I'll try to get to it soon. Thanks, Mark!

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