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      • 1966-1967
        I'm going to try to keep my personal comments over here in the blog rather than in the text of the web pages, although undoubtedly some opinion will creep in - and probably things that interest me more will get more attention than other items.

        If there's stuff that should be a

      • Two weeks later
        This site has been in my thoughts a lot the last few weeks, but has unfortunately had little progress.

        I'm kind of torn between trying to use one of these cutesy template website builders to make cool little navigation tabs and graphics, versus just getting the material going.
      • Taking this site live
        I'm setting up this site because I wanted to make available my files of Cubberley Catamounts (the student newspaper) from the years (1966-1969) that I was there.

        I have scanned the ones I have, and most of the files are PDFs, which makes them more-or-less searchable, although the OC