Catamount December 16, 1966 

I just got another PDF of the Catamount set up. From December 16, 1966.

Here's another example of amazing musicians at a dance at Cubberley. "Chocolate Watchband" played at the Christmas Formal. You could get in for $3.50 with a student body card.

The next year, the Christmas dance featured the "Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band" with female vocalist Stevie Nicks.

There's a serious enigma in one hand-drawn image in this edition. I don't get it. It's a hand-drawn christmas tree that looks like it maybe got burned from the middle up. There's a handwritten caption "REUFGPRHDCF". I googled that, nothing. It's probably initials ("Really Easy User Fees for General Purpose Really Heavy Drink Committee Festival" or something like that). There's a second caption "Merry Christmas Carol Doda!" (with a line through "Doda"). I'll let *you* google Carol Doda if you want - I don't see the connection. but I can be dense. If you figure it out, email me.

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