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      • Catamount from April 21, 1967
        I just noticed this was almost exactly 40 years ago, and probably one of the most eventful times at Cubberley.

        Two notorious experiments are outlined
        - Ron Jones and the Third Wave (now popularly known as "The Wave", or "Die Welt" due to popularized (and rather

      • Catamount March 3, 1967
        I just got Volume 11, No. 10 up on the website. I'm trying to put some useful text into the "headlines" page I do for each edition to make things show up in search engines... (so in case someone googles around looking for information about something related, they will hopefully find

      • Catamount - February 3, 1967
        I'm missing Volume 11, #8 which must have come out about 2 weeks after the New Years holiday. If anyone will send me a scan of it (or anything else related), I'll try to post it...

        I DID get Volume 11, #9 up on the website yesterday.

        I don't remember the Indian

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