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      • Catamount December 16, 1966
        I just got another PDF of the Catamount set up. From December 16, 1966.

        Here's another example of amazing musicians at a dance at Cubberley. "Chocolate Watchband" played at the Christmas Formal. You could get in for $3.50 with a student body card.

        The next y

      • Digression - loss of a friend
        Nothing to do with Cubberley, but this IS a blog, and in writing about my move to Palo Alto, it reminds me of some sad things that happened just prior to our move.
        I had lost my best friend, Ricky Kieschnick, to a brain tumor just before we moved to California, which, in some ways, made it ea

      • String on Palo Alto Weekly Website - early experiences at Cubberley
        I think I was "googling" one of the merchants in an old Catamount and came across this "Growing Up in Palo Alto" nostalgia string on the PA Weekly website. I recognize some of the names of the folks there, and share many of the same memories.

        This link may be no goo

      • Mr. Richard Finch
        Did you ever look back at your school years and wish that you had been in the class of a certain teacher? Mr. Finch is featured in volume 11, number 3, and this triggered a string of memories that make me wish that I knew the guy a little better.

        One was when I had a journalism assignm

      • Google Analytics
        These are kind of cool - I've got them installed on the home page... still playing around. Just slowly adding things and seeing how they all work.

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