The Cubberley Catamount

This site provides a repository for the "Cubberley Catamount", a student newspaper that was produced while Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California, was in operation.In 2007,  the Cubberley buildings still look very similar to how they looked in the late 60s, although they are now being used as a Community Center

The documents are mostly scanned PDFs, which are usually searchable, although occasionally characters and paragraphs get misinterpreted by the OCR software.

The site may be expanded to include the annual yearbooks "The Totem", and perhaps other documents relative to the history of the school.

If you have suggestions or comments, especially as to what I might want to note as "significant events", please use the blog feature.

Catamount Repository Access
School Year Notable Events during this school year. (More detail available on the pages for the individual years).
1966-1967 Senior Frolics: "Bunny's Night Out", Neo Nazi Speaker, Debates over Vietnam, "Senior Privilege Cards",  debates over long hair and dress codes, Moliere's "Bourgeois Gentleman" drama presentation, Student Body President Jon Briskin goes to Washington DC with "US Senate Youth Program", Science Teacher from India, "Executers" Car Club, Cindy Perkins goes to Canada for Red Cross, Catamount "Green Saint Patrick's Day" Edition, Idea Forum, Ron Jones does the "Third Wave" experiment, Concert with Buffalo Springfield and Sopwith Camel.  "Cub Ashbury" Montage.
1967-1968 "Idea Forum", "Student Bill of Rights", Andy Baldwin runs for Congress, Tim Wise Student Body President, United Student Movement (Ron Jones Sponsor) put on probation.  Fritz Rabyne Memorial Christmas Dance (where Stevie Nicks sang for us), Lockheed-Cubberley work on methods of teaching science, still debating long hair vs. sports.  Faculty musical "Trial By Jury".  April 1 (March 32, 1968) spoof edition.  "Gretchen Wooding" Carnival Queen, 1968. Petition for formation of "Black Student Union". 
1968-1969 First-year Principal Dave Stanard, "Idea Forum", Construction on site, Ray Fleming passes away, Black Student Union demands, Bands to Oaxaca, Lenore Slough homecoming queen, Racial Tensions, Swahili class offerred, Ron Jones resigns after being denied tenure, Multicultural Program, Sidney Walton, Rafael Mendez plays with Cubberley band, Principal Dave Stanard resigns. Drama department does musical "Where's Charley"
1969-1970 In process of scanning papers. Ron Jones (Third Wave - Die Welle) interview after his termination.